A good compromise
always leaves
everybody unhappy.

And you can explain it
until you’re blue in the face
what you call “your” side,
what was going on
within your inner hell
during those weeks when
all I could see
on the surface
was a glacial apathy
towards me
no matter how hard
I knocked,
you can tell me
you had no choice
but to treat me that way
at that time,
but nothing
can undo
a death,
so save your breath.

They all warned me
about you;
my faith in human goodness
stood in the way
of my believing.
The same people
are more than ready
to blame you, but
I think there comes a time
in one’s life when
she must take responsibility
for the wrong turns
her life takes,
and I will do it now
not because I
want to shield you
but because it’s
the fastest way to
wrap my mind
around the fact
that you’re no good:
you hurt me,
and that bad,
because I let you.

I won’t, again.