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Look up.
There’s a portrait of you
among the clouds.
The song of your heart
is written
on the skyline.
Your life story
is in every condominium unit
lit up from within,
glowing with promise
through the sheer curtains
on the windows.
You know that sun up there?
It loves you passionately.
It longs to watch you
smile and close your eyes,
so it can rest on your lashes
and caress your eyelids.
Look up and
there’s a message for you
whispering through the trees.
The birds may be trying
to pass on a prophecy.
The geometric perspective
of the length and angle
of that lamp post
holds a mystical secret
you might be given
the privilege to share.
The next epiphany
could be a blood relative
of the appearance
of the first star,
so look for it.

Take the time to look up,
when you walk
from the office
to the bus stop,
and find yourself.
Discover who you are
exactly where you are
because you may not
be able to afford
the fast and fancy cars
they drive in,
but they can’t afford
to slow down
and see
the scenery
you’re seeing.
And you have to be there
for that beauty.
Give it justice.

Look up.