I only need a ride
across the bridge,
that’s what I told
the man
behind the wheel.
I don’t even have
any bags
to weigh us down,
just the clothes
on my back
and a little cash
only God knows
how I’d make last,
and he had
opened the door
and let me in.
He went by my eyes,
I think,
when he trusted me
not only
with his life,
but with his time.
He told me
he was going my way
but wouldn’t I want him
to drive us
into the sunset
And though I adored
the colors,
I told him I knew
he had somewhere to go,
and across the bridge
would do.

He took the scenic route
and showed me
the fork on the road
where he once
almost got lost,
and in turn
I sang him some songs
in a voice that
remembered love
and knew how to give it
and once
the lingering twilight
got so irresistible
he parked for a while
and invited me
to his backseat
to watch for a
shooting star
and we closed our eyes
and made each a wish
and they were
the same wish
and we spent the night
waiting for it
to come true
and it was
something to remember

a destination
is irreversible
and we eventually got there
the way we all
eventually get somewhere
and I left
the leather-upholstered
padded loveliness
of his car
and stepped into the night
and touched his shoulder
for goodbye

I’d asked him afterward
he even stopped
to give me a chance to
talk him into
giving me a lift,
a total stranger,
and he said
he had been looking
all his life
for a bridge to cross
and found me.