Don’t look now, but
there’s a woman in love
standing in front of you,
ready to bare it all for you
so maybe you’d like
to pay attention.
Don’t worry,
she’ll do it right
this time
after watching so many
other men run
she now knows better
than to give it
all at once
so she’ll tease you,
feign indifference
to keep you interested,
and if you’re patient
she’ll let down her guard
a layer at a time.

Yes, you’re allowed
to read between the lines,
to squint your eyes
and try to see through
the sheer, delicate material
protecting her deep secrets
but it’s just as important
to also look at
each last bit of clothing
she’s taken off,
lying by her feet:
she meant all of them,
every compliment,
every warm smile,
every stolen glance
riddled with meaning,
she meant all of them.
You won’t find
a more honest piece
of flesh
than the last square inch
she just unveiled.
So maybe you’d like
to retrieve that
slip of satin,
that strip of lace
from the floor
as a keepsake
of her fragrance,
it’s still warm
from her essence.
Savor all pieces
of emotional fabric
she pulls away
from her skin:
they were all
a part of her before
she felt she can let go of them
in front of you.

Observe her as she dances
to the tune
of your affection.
She enjoys being looked at.
Adore her
as she blossoms
from a wild flower
to a luscious rose
before your very eyes.

Try to understand her
before she’s done undressing,
will you?
Try to deserve her.

Keep your eyes
on the prize.
She’s all yours
you can see beyond
her nakedness
and into her soul.
She’s craving to be known.