I was afraid
of you finding me
with nothing on,
not even talent
or direction,
or at least some
hand-me-down dreams.
I never had much,
and I never learned
how to haggle
but I comported myself
the best way I knew how:
with ideals tattooed
on my sun-kissed skin
that you’d have to
make me bleed
before you could take.
I had passion too,
not brand new,
but something that’s
originally mine and
has stood the test of time
that not even
the highest bidder
can borrow
for a night.
The price tag says,
“no less than a lifetime.”
It’s always been
your all
or my nothing.

* * *

But this window will not
show me
on display forever
while this square of glass
collects dust like
your indecisive heart.
If the merchandise is not
worth everything you’ve got,
do me a favor and
vacate the pavement.
Stop staring
and acting
as if you’re still trying
to make up your mind.