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Our voices have been
calling out to each other
across oceans and continents
since time immemorial.
In some past life
before this one,
once upon a fold in time,
upon a material place,
upon some
silver mirror of reality,
you and I used to
have the same soul.
I don’t need to
put my hand on your cheek.
I am to you
closer than any touch
or any drop of tear
or any private heartache
that caused you to shed them.
And when we kiss,
I suspect
the whole universe
will feel it,
as if arriving at
a climatic sense of being right
where everything belongs,
like a déjà vu of
achieving perfection
in an accidental moment
without being able
to account for how,
or remember the first time
it felt that good before.

But we will know.
Our union has been
written in the stars
before there were even stars.
Our stories have been
falling towards each other
before gravity
had any meaning.
Your visions have been
circling around
the same image of a goddess,
my evolving definition
of romance
whirling its taffeta skirts
coquettishly at your
Vitruvian masculinity
in an intuitive dance
between dreams
that preambled
the necessity of movement.

Our spirits
are so joined at the hip
that you can sleep me
into a state of wakefulness
and while you are stirring
on the other side of the world
my love reaches
through winds and walls
to cater to you.

we need no hands
to behold this masterpiece.
Can you close your eyes
and feel me?
I just moved
a little closer.