It was bound to happen,
what transpired last night.
That day our paths first crossed
all those stormy months ago,
it was a done deal:
no words were needed,
although we conversed in words too,
the first gaze you blessed me with,
the first smile I endorsed you with
were enough to let us know
some day, somehow
whether we let it or fight it
we would have to consummate it
it would have to run its course
and conquer us
and sweep us away
and just take over

I still remember
the way you tasted
the way you moved
how we danced together in the dark
like a song
how I did not have to try
to match your passion, because
you just drew the fire out of me
with your purposeful kisses
unwound me with your hands
thawed me out with your tongue
unraveled me with your fingers
and broke me down
with the concentrated force
from the center of your gravity

it was beautiful
it was eternal
it was everything

at the threshold of pleasure and pain
you watched me lose myself to you
over and over
and every time
I called out your name
another wall came crashing down
another question was answered
another doubt was explained away

it was that powerful

but I know
it won’t be long before
the world,
overtakes us
makes us guilty for being weak
returns our faculties
from our flesh
back to our thoughts
and makes us
unforgiving of our humanity
and regretful on account of
the people who would be hurt
if they ever found out
what we did

that would take some time.
I still have this morning
to bask in the residue
of the bliss
I shared with you.