Every day I love you
the sky lifts the veil
over the blushing bride
of Paradise
and hums expectantly
as she walks down the aisle
towards my mind’s altar.

Every day I love you
I lose all memory
of failure and pain
and rise to the faith
that second chances exist.

Everyday I love you
I am visited by inspiration
that has no deadline
to hurry to,
and she tells me about her dreams
and you.

Laughter and
positive vibrations
play a friendly game
of tick-tack-toe
on the sandy beach
of my Sunday-morning peace
at low tide
without a care in the world.

I hear the birds sing
and tropical rain showers
come bearing gifts.
There are no
negotiations to make,
no traffic complications
on the road,
there are no accidents
every day I love you,
only a perfect plan
and an Author
whose characters
all deserve a happy ending.

Every day I love you
freedom does not constrain me
my own strength does not scare me
and reality does not play
cruel mind games with me
and lonely and empty
have no place.

Every day I love you
ends in night like a satin scarf
studded with emeralds
and airplanes
all destined for a profound purpose
bless the sky like shooting stars.

Every day I love you
I find more reasons why
I have to love you everyday.