Lose control with me
just this once
close this distance
between us and
breathe the air
flavored by my presence
swallow the fluid vapors
occupied by my entire
unobstructed being
and get as high on them
as you need
to let yourself go

you don’t need your inhibitions
for this primal dance
take your fears off
strip down your reason
and give them up
to the white noise
of this September night
that knows what to do with them
it knows what to do with us
if only we could be
less on our guard
and more in tune with
what we really want

don’t let that
clutter in your mind
hold you back
or those responsibilities
knotted around your fingers
stand in your way
we’ll ask the hushed world
that floats on the silky foundations
of the silver moon
to burn them away
so we can concentrate
on the delicious task at hand

Listen to your heart a little,
big man,
heed the voices of your dreams,
they may contain
some of the substance of life
that unites the mechanism of your body
with your undulating soul
and pumps ecstasy
into your veins

I know you don’t think you should.
I know you told me you couldn’t.
But I know you feel it too:
your passion,
so long in shackles,
like needles on the bed
hurting your skin
and you need my desire
to cushion your sweet release

You don’t need to be
strong all the time
weakness is a part of life
and I want you to live with me,
for the moment
concede that I’ve been on your mind
confess your secrets to me,
that you’ve put your hands
in places I have yet to show you
in the privacy of your fantasies
and I will disclose
that I’ve felt your hands there too

let the id take over
indulge in some Freudian slip
of the tongue
and taste me
let us play tag with time
and race each other’s heartbeats
to the finish line

Just let me
and I’ll convince you
there is no room
for hesitation or regret
we will make
love so good
the only questions worth asking
are why we waited this long
and when
we will do it again