Tell me you don’t love me
tell me you don’t care
what happens to me
or whether I’m happy
Tell me I’m just
someone you know
the way you know
hundreds of others
Tell me my tears don’t move you
Tell me you take it back—
when you said
you’d sometimes say silly things
just to hear me laugh
just to listen to me smile
across the miles
Tell me my journey and yours
don’t need to coincide
Tell me it won’t be difficult
to forget me

and I will sit here and take it
while you hurl
half-baked truths at me
truths that owe their existence
to merely being spoken

but until you do
I will continue to
read the brushes of your hands
as caresses
see love in your eyes
reciprocating the love in mine
and every time you think of me
every time you see me
in your dreams
you’ll be mine
as many moments as they last
if you won’t tell me
to believe otherwise