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The sighting of the moon
signaled the beginning
of the Holy Month
and you
proceeded with your sacrifice
and I promised myself
I’d let you have
your peace
and whatever else is required
for you to earn
the dignity
of your hunger pains

I stole away
a few steps back

and though
I do not share your faith
I know a thing or two about
going through many days empty
how the hollowness of your body
can give you the spiritual groundedness
and mental clarity
to let go of what’s heavy
so you can focus your mind
on the simpler, quieter truths

I imagine you
closing your eyes instinctively
in steadfast discipline
at the sight or mention of food
and seeing my face

for a savory moment

in your private darkness
my essence illuminated

by the insignia of a star

and a crescent moon

just so it dawns on you

you saw me there because

Someone wanted you to

I understand
how this is about you,
could you blame me
for wishing
you would
emerge from this
period of reflection
with an epiphany about us
and when the month is done
break your fast
by rushing into my arms
(instead of hers)?