How easy it is
to topple a house of cards
and reduce it to the heap
it started as
after painstakingly building it
for hours,
it takes only a moment
to annihilate a resolution
to nullify a permanent goodbye
it only takes
the call to connect
the phone on the other end
to ring one ring
your name to flash
on the caller ID
and everything you worked for
folds upon itself

and I’d been so proud too
of how long I’d managed
to stay away from you
telling everybody
how it gets easier
with every day

but my pride
suddenly has no weight
at the sound of your voice
saying “Hello”
making me fall headlong
into eternity
for the umpteenth time
with no regard for anything
that had been so precious
during those days
I’ve almost convinced myself
I’ve weeded you out
of my life
suddenly it feels like
the battle was lost
but the war was won