I didn’t see the sun
set yesterday
I wish there were some rule
that says
I’m entitled
to not have the sun rise
in my many skies
this morning
Saturday cannot begin
unless I will it so
and a night cannot pass
without my permission

you said
you hoped nothing would change
between us
but I don’t see
how anything
can stay as it had been
before this
you said you couldn’t bear
the thought of me
no longer knowing you

give me something
of yours
to call mine

because though we used
words such as someday
and eventually
we’re not fooling anyone
least of all each other
or ourselves

I know a never
when I see one

because I don’t want
to abuse myself with thoughts
of how wonderful she is
and how wonderful you must be
for choosing
to be faithful to her
simply because
it’s the right thing to do

the deepest understanding
is also what causes us
the most irremediable hurt
and I understand too much

too much
to be willing
to feed
your desperate hunger
for safety
with my insatiable penchant
for drama
at the expense of my own heart

I’m sorry.
No two sunsets
are the same
and it is possible
for one to be too strong
and too weak
at the same time.