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I imagine
that once in a thousand lives
every hundred years
has come to expect
some kind of a tribute
greater than any
she’s seen before.
Unlike faith and hope,
she does not demand
human sacrifices
but I can see how she
could have gotten accustomed
to those trinkets of history
reminding her
she makes the world go round.

Shakespeare staged her one in 1597
Marley recorded her one in 1977
Shah Jahan built her one in 1653

and in my vain,
impetuous heart
I thought you and I
were about to do the same
make the headlines with
something ambitious
something dangerous
something transcendental
something no one else
but the rare combination
of you and me
and the nodding complacency
of the Holy Spirit
could have accomplished

we would have made her proud

I bet you
did not think of us
before we thought of her
now I feel her
scornful eyes
looking down
at the limitedness
of our infinitesimal
mortal hearts

we failed her

and I’m jealous of whom
she’s going to bless next