How did you get here?
How did you manage
     from the opposite end
     of the world,
     from a different mold,
     through emotional tools
     so divorced from
     even the remotest echoes
     of my own,
to end up exactly
where I am now?

Just when I thought
I’d met all kinds
you came along
and reintroduced me
to me
held up a mirror to my soul
fashioned with such accuracy
it’s enough
to stagger the mind
of any statistician

We have identical opinions
     the fundamentals of poetry,
     long-distance relationships,
     inter-faith marriages,
     choosing careers,
     spending habits,
     the formula for prayers,
     making love,
and we’ve never compared notes
before today

Can two different keys
fit into the same lock
and turn it
to unclasp the hinges
of the fences
defining the boundaries
that had been there
even before the Genesis?
I say it’s impossible,
but here you are,
     singing to me
     the lullaby my mother invented
     and introduced to me
     at the womb
here you are,
     papering my walls
     with photographs of places
     I’ve only seen in my dreams
     in my past reincarnations

I don’t know how you got here
but if we passed
each other by
with no more than a glance
and just kept walking
would we eventually prove
that the earth is round
and meet again
on the other side?

(Or dare we even
leave that
to chance
a second time?)