Time unwinds the gritty layers of bad dreams
and spoiled expectations coiled around our hearts
and hopefully you also see what I see:
the throbbing seed of a second chance
the pulsating nucleus of a new and still untainted promise
that maintains its resilience despite our many cycles of hurt

I can see in your eyes you’re willing to try again
but your words are uncertain
and there’s a new roundabout way in your feet
whenever you approach me these days
but beyond the many conversation pieces
we’ve locked away and mutely agreed to forget
a square of sunlight falls on this brand-new noontime
ensnaring us in its possibilities of delight
and we simultaneously have taken our blindfolds off
and decided to see that we have more things in common
than we uncovered on our first exploration an epoch ago
no, the story is not finished
here’s Chapter Two

It won’t be as easy as before
I won’t fall into your arms
we won’t fall into your bed
and conveniently blame it on such abstract culprits
as chemistry or gravity
but I’m familiar to you and you’re familiar to me
we have each an end of the ball of yarn and
are breaking down the walls of this world’s labyrinth of rules
for another time around
towards each other, slowly but surely
and everybody says it will be sweeter