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He’s 43 years old and still believes
that love is the greatest force on earth
he’s gone through a turbulent divorce
and still thinks loving a woman
is the one greatest deed he could ever do
believes it in the core of his being
so much that he sings it in his sleep
believes in it whether or not his poetry sells
believes in it more than a man with an empty stomach
holds on to the fierce reality of a loaf of bread in his hands
believes it the way he believes
that the Christ walked on water
and Moses parted the Red Sea
believes in it as if the salvation of his sinner’s soul
hangs above the precipice
on the thread of that four-letter word
and as if the foundations of goodness
are unshaken only
because the marrow of truth and justice
is forged in blood and gold

He’s the man I’ve chosen to believe in
he’s the man I’d rather
be the father of my children