It would have been better if
it had been another woman
or another man
that came between us
someone with a face
that I can match with a name
someone I could plead with
reason with
play mind games with
play a battle of wills with
play chess with, like
I make my move,
what’s your next move
type of deal
someone I can look at
square in the eye
and make it understood
I’m not going anywhere
I’m fighting for you
till the end
till you’re mine
or if it’s her and not me
someone I could tell
with all honesty,
take care of him
and love him as I would
all I really want
is to see him happy
even if it’s not with me”
someone I could
be jealous of
it would have been
so much simpler
if you’d just cheated on me

but it’s not the case
this time
it’s something
one doesn’t even quite know
how to deal with
that’s just there
unflinching and unintimidated
with steel-cold eyes
that mock the way
we’d clutch at each other
to keep it at bay
a raging river
that’s just too strong
for our craft
dripping blood
on a spotless white carpet
we tried so hard to keep clean
claws making
fine, deep gashes
on windowpanes
tainting our view of the world