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have me walking
the whole length of McKinley Road
after work on a Wednesday
because I got to be
alone with my thoughts
and I need a place where
I can yell at myself
without bothering anyone
and here it is
flanked on both sides
by thick, high walls
of Forbes Park houses
and shiny cars that speed by
minding their own business
and don’t care about you and me
and I’m railed into safety
by the noise that
finally lets me hear myself think
and you got me
reciting poems in my head
I’m not even
brave enough
to write
taking a long avenue of thought
I could never admit to anyone
that I’ve taken
and using so many
when all I really want to do
is pretend
you’re at the end of this road
alive and well
waiting for me
safe and healed
and ready to love me