I never told you
so you don’t know
how serious it is,
these last several days

I have his proposal
in a drawer of my mind
and my answer,
a three-letter word
is in my pocket

I can’t even tell you
who he is
because I think you know him
better than I do

I’m just waiting for you
to walk out of my heart
your foot already at the door
but I have to make sure
because I don’t
want complications
few situations
merit the right
to demand one
to be sure
and this is one of them

I’m afraid

his offer
will not wait forever
for me
neither will I
for you

so why…
I will not ask.
No, I will not ask you.

But this is one of those times
I ask God why
He didn’t create us so
that we could choose
whom we love.