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A roller coaster ride
an O. Henry story
a night in a
Las Vegas casino
a box of chocolates
all rolled up into one
is this non-romance

my heart plays tricks on me
its dead calm almost eerie
unmoving as it beholds you
like a child gazes at
something so profound
the chubby little hands
of youth and innocence
unable to grasp it
all at once
while God continues to
snap His fingers
in an upbeat rhythm
changing the landscape
of our complicated
every few seconds
from friends
to lovers
to strangers
to solitary dreamers
to fighters
to quitters
to hungry
to fed up
to a chase, then
to an endless wait

the jury is still out
no verdict about us

my camcorder’s battery
has died in the middle
of the movie
so I take
Polaroid snapshots
with my poetry

I write about you everyday
no lunch outs
no cigarette breaks
no blinking
each day I pass up
might be a day too late
though I don’t even know
too late for what