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I walk everywhere.
Always have.
Never owned a car,
can’t drive to save my life
I walk
and never cared
who’s catching up with me
or overtaking me
or going too far and too fast
ahead of me

I walk
towards myself
every time
my feet’s coming
in contact with the ground
my hourly communion
with the planet

I walked the campus
until I knew it intimately
wearing a diamond ring
a man has given me
walking the years away
waiting for him
to come for me

I walked the concrete jungle
my heart heavy
loving a second man
a married man
cheating on his wife with me
walking the years away
alone and waiting for him
to leave her for me

Now I think
I’ve figured it out:
I walk
because I can’t run away
from myself
and in my poet’s mind
it’s was the only
I could believe in
the literal definition
of the moving on
I couldn’t do inside

Tonight the street
beckons to my feet
making me want to
throw on my jacket
and my silence
my private escape offering
its serene pleasures
in exchange
for you
whom I cannot have
but cannot leave behind
no matter where I hide.

So I walk.
This is the road that leads away from you.
This is the road that leads away from everything.