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Let me overwhelm you
with my love
they say that’s
my biggest fault:
that I come on too strong
and I should learn
to play hard to get
because men like the chase
but that is not
among the tenets
under which
my uniqueness
was Christened:
I can do nothing
in moderation
and if I ever step back,
I’m walking away for good.
But you’re too good
to walk away from
so I’m taking you down –
be warned,
I’m telling you now
I’m doing the reverse
I’m giving you
the love that you deserve
it will be no less
than an assault
rape you with tenderness
bludgeon you with passion
strangle you with sweetness
stab you multiple times
with a thousand wildcat claws
of compliments
rock your world violently
until you stop running
until “men are from Mars
and women are from Venus”
is invalidated
by your concession
that men and women
both need love
and you found
the best love
you could ever find.