Don’t close your heart to me,
not tonight
not ever
I know you’re afraid
but you mustn’t be
afraid of me
we can be afraid together
and use that as an excuse
to cling all the more tightly
to each other
but let me in
don’t hesitate
let me hold you

I will be good to you
the strong woman you need
that understands the world
that demands of you
to be a man
fortifies your spirit
to face the unforgiving reality
that accepts no excuses
for any sign of weakness
you can be weak with me
and I will take you
as you are
and not tell anyone
your secrets will be safe with me

I will be good to you
and all that you love
I will tutor your daughter
and make her love math so much
that she’ll be both
a goddess and a geek
I will cook your son
gourmet lunches
he’ll be the envy of the whole school
I will show your friends
that their amigo found
a love even they can believe in
that you’re in the arms
of a woman who believes in you
and believes in herself
enough to want
to help complete you
I will show your family
a person whose name
even they will speak of kindly
even when we aren’t listening
they can appraise me
and my pure love for you
will oil my way into their approval

I will be good to you
your welcome chapter two
the reward you’ve earned
after trying as hard as you have
all those times
the second chance
after you’ve picked yourself up
let me make your dreams come true
make you live even harder
and love even better
loosen your guard
relax your mind
unwrap your heart
I’m here
I won’t hurt you