And even if I’m wrong
about you
I wouldn’t really mind
paying the price
for the giddy delights
of the naked and shivering
that I may be right

And even if in the end
it all boils down
to nothing
I still wouldn’t want
to change a thing
I would still have
tried as hard
I would still have embraced
the few swift-winged days
and soft-footed nights
when you were
my everything

And even if
I crash and burn
or some time soon
I wouldn’t exchange
these blessed minutes
of flight
my senses airborne
my tingling spine
parallel with the horizon
suspended high
above the ground
by strings of love
on the puppeteer hands
of the endless sky

I’ve long since ceased
wondering about
the myriad ways
that life could hurt
and loving you
has lifted me out of time
and carried me into
a borderless
polygon state of being
that I would have chosen
no matter what
other alternatives
might be there
standing beside it