Last night I realized
unquestionably and irrevocably
I’m in love with you
I’d been going around all day
wondering what it was
in my heart
that was heavy
almost sad
late in the evening
I conceded to myself
that I was thinking of you
and I was overcome
with so much love
I wept

I wept
with a love
as profuse as
the serrations of moonlight
that fell against
the marble floor
of the room

I wept
with a swooning
and rhapsodic passion
divided from the
ordinariness of the night
by the music crooning
on the radio
the convulsive spasms
of my heart
echoing in my body
like notes
that whip
into the dark empty spaces
and bounce back

I wept
with a longing
dense with
redwood trunk
and velvet butterflies
redolent with urgency
terribly afraid
that it might be too late
and we’ve barely
even started

I wept for you
because I’m not so old
but might probably
never be
young again
and I’m familiar with pain
and the many things
that can go wrong
but I love you
and nobody knows
except maybe you
even if I never told you