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My world is crippled
without you in it
standing on crutches
walking its orbit
with a limp
your gaping absence
a burden
on the shoulders
of my days
trying to carry on
hunched over
unable to look up at the sky
and form dreams
trying to act normal
when everything about me
is off-focus
looking in all corners
for something it has lost

When will you
the clockwork precision
that used to keep bliss
on an hourly appointment
with my heart?
When will you
remind the sun
to pay my hemisphere
a long-overdue visit?

Because I miss you

I miss anticipating you
I miss concentrating
on the silence
as if it helped
to bring closer
the sound of you knocking
on my door
I miss dialing your number
and counting
the number of rings
it takes
for you to pick up
I miss hearing your voice
God, I miss your voice

I miss even
missing you
I miss our goodbyes
in the split-second
afforded for parting
by our wanting to spend
every minute
putting off remembering
that we are two
instead of one
I miss fingering
the warmth of the bed
after you just left

Please come back