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I’ve been asked
a few times
I always said no
but I’m asking you
can you be the Kenny Lattimore
to my Chanté Moore
and do the
collaboration of a lifetime
it would only be
so natural
because every single line
that you write
makes my body respond
not to mention my mind
and even my right hand
is not fast enough

can I please be
the other half of your poetry?
can you tattoo
my thoughts
onto the unbroken flesh
of your flow
and can our pens
make love
to conceive
and give birth
to wunderkinds
so pure and strong and real
they change the world?
can our fingers
split parallel universes
on paper
so that between the two of us
the reading world will have
nothing left to ask?

It burns, baby
this need to be a poet
and only your love
can make me so