No, I’m not looking for a man
who knows a thousand
tricks in bed
and all those
complicated positions
and I don’t care
how big you are

as long as when you touch me
you touch me with love
and believe me,
I will know
when a man’s hands
are just pretending
to think the world of me
when truth is
he just wants to score
or get off
or both

as long as when you lie with me
you’re doing it
because you have something
you want to share with me
that you’re willing
to leave behind in the morning
more than regret
more than a bitter aftertaste
not just something
you want to take

as long as during those moments
when you become one with me
you fully understand
that you’re being given
the rare privilege
to catch glimpses of my soul

are you ready
for that responsibility?

because if you’re not
then don’t
share the night with me

because I don’t make my bed
for the kind of pleasure that
can be washed off
wiped off
or slept off

your chiseled body
your stamina
your staying power
even your
logistics-based understanding
of a woman’s wants and needs
mean little to me
I’m done going after that
and it didn’t do a thing for me

I want no less
than your heart