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Only you and I know
what we’ve shared
only you and I know
what we can
and can’t
live without

You left for
the City of Angels
so that the best doctors
can open you up
and diffuse the ticking bomb
that’s been planted in you
in 2004
by the catastrophe
that almost took your life

(Where was I
in 2004?
Somewhere far away
and unknown to you.)

and I came to see you off
and to tell you
but you told me
not to tell you

I wonder why

Are you trying
to be kind to me
my being bound to you
while you’re away?
Do you think
that without words
I’d feel it
any less
than I already do?
Are partings really easier
with no promises

or are you merely
giving yourself
something to look forward to
when you return,
something more to live for?

Are you as scared
as I am
are you saying
the same prayers

Because if I could give up
some of my years
to have
a few more days
with you
I would

and I hope
the angels that L.A.
was named after
would keep you

on this this side
in my life