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The world is a gentler place
since I found you
the drivers of
the West Route Fort Buses
don’t turn bends around Global City
as sharply as they used to
or maybe I’ve just been
holding onto the bars
much stronger
careful not to spill a drop
of the love
my heart overflows with
and I’ve lost the lid.

The world is a bigger place
since I loved you
the sidewalks are wider,
giving me space to
do pirouettes and arabesque attitudes
in my uncontainable joy
without bumping or crashing
into pedestrians
hustling and bustling
their way to work.

The world is a softer place
since you loved me
the pillows are fluffier
the blankets are warmer
where the bed has become
the sanctuary
where the tightly wound balls
of everyday longings
are completely unraveled
in the evenings
while the moon softly shines
through the blinds.

The world is a Nirvana
since we’ve come together
I doubt that it changed at all
but our union
made all the difference.