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I can’t wait
to bring you home with me
and tell my Mama,
Mama, he’s the one who listens to me
when I want to talk
he’s the man who takes the time
to tell me things
to answer my questions
when I want to listen
he’s the one who makes me dream
in broad daylight
he’s the poet who
only needs to look at me
to read what’s written on my soul
Mama, didn’t you tell me
I’d find the right man someday,
one who wouldn’t take me for granted
one who’d take me
just the way I am
and stimulate my mind
make me feel like I’m all that?
Here he is, Mama
I want you to meet him

and tell my Daddy
Daddy, I’m not your little girl no more
but I found a man to spend time with
who’s just like you
got his priorities straight
a good man
a survivor and a fighter
who respects women
loves his children as he should
and I have no doubt
he’ll take care of me
the way you’d want
a man to do

I can’t wait for you
to meet my friends
and tell them
he’s the man
setting my bed on fire at night
touching me in places
in my body and my heart
that drives me wild
never had a man
say my name out loud like that
and after the act of love
his first instincts are
to kiss me at least four times
around my face
and hold me till I fall asleep
never had a man
hold me through the night like that
putting smiles on my lips
and my eyes
and the spring on my feet
making me
try harder to be
the woman I was always meant to be