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We’re inseparable
I was there in the crowd
last night
listening to you
speak poetry
exclusively to me
in a room full of people
and my hand was
the first thing you touched
when you let go of the mic
so naturally as if
who you are
and who I am
are one and the same thing

morning found you
waking in my bed
in my arms
and our eyes talked in silence
the color and fire
of an October opal
over a Filipino breakfast
of fried rice
and smoked beef strips

butterfly kisses on my lips
before you crossed the threshold
I stood at the open doorway
my smile the last thing
on your eyes before
the elevator doors closed

and here you are again
sneaking to a private corner
in the middle of a family barbecue
dialing my number
“I just want to hear your voice for a minute.”
you turned the pork chops on the grill

sunset returns you to my world
life takes us
another step further
in this path we’ve taken together