I’ve had a casual relationship
with certainty
I’ve been sure many times
but been proven wrong many times
in the very things
I thought I was sure of
but I don’t mind
I figured, the more mistakes
my heart and I make
the more intimate we’ll get
and we can err
less and less and less

but the trouble with you and me,
beautiful man,
is I can’t tell our hearts apart
which needs are yours,
and which desires are mine?

Remember that first conversation
when I told you,
“You are one step closer
to being healed.”
and you told me,
“You are one step closer
to finding love.”?
Were we talking to each other
or to ourselves?

because the moment
I turned around
I was healed
and you found love

and everything I’d been sure of
in the air that
hung between us
and all the world
could very well have been
some satirical, comic, tragic
work of fiction
and all I was sure of
was you standing there
looking at me.