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It was the very first day
of everything

my very first night alone
in the city of
coral-pure beauty
and mad cornucopia complexity
an unfamiliar bed
in an unfamiliar room
with an unfamiliar skyline view
from the window

I was lost and disoriented
bombarded by demands
of glamour
and independence
and I couldn’t sleep
and started pacing the halls
of my giddy soul
looking for the penthouse button
on the elevator
so i could jump off the roof
and be awakened from
too good to be true
too good for me
too good it must be something bad

you came along
as I was fumbling for the key
to the door of my identity
and warmly called out
“Happy Monday, pretty lady”
as you passed

and my world
tilted back
on its axis
and I belonged
to this

this night
this place
this skin

it was the very first day
of everything