Yours was
one big blow
you didn’t see coming
mine was
an accumulation
of little blows
I constantly asked for
or was it
the other way around?
Either way
we’ve both been broken before.

One would think
that just the fact
that we survived
is enough to make us
but on the contrary:
we are both so fragile,

so fragile

that I hesitate
to show you my strength
lest you fall
and fall hard
and I might not
be able to catch you
what with my short arms
and faulty timing

I’d hate to be
the one that hurts you
beyond repair
because I also know
how it feels to
spend your last dime
on a one-way ticket
to a Paradise
you created
in your mind

if only I could keep my hands to myself
if only I could stay away
but I’m fragile too…