I am standing face to face
with ecstasy
in her eagerness to come over me
and become me
studying her eyes
my spirit aloof
and heavy as lead
I am at arm’s length
from my dreams
and all I have to do
is say the word
for them to come true
I am looking at you
your heart before me
and I honestly doubt
that I will ever find better
and I know it’s you.
It’s you.
And you are here with me.
Forever after.
So why does my heart tremble with fear?
Why are you not the only reality
that falls within the scope of my vision?
I overflow with certainty
but I don’t know
why the sky is overcast.
Can you pass the final test
and be strong for me
during my weak moments?
I beg you don’t walk away from me.
I beg you to part the clouds for me
and turn on the sunshine
and let’s begin the rest of our lives
maybe not today
maybe tomorrow