How many times
have you thought of me
since you first met me?

And when you think of me,
what are you really thinking?
Do your thoughts of me
come as a pleasant surprise
like finding a letter in the mailbox
from an old lover
you parted with on good terms?
Do you let them linger in your mind,
pause in your routine
take off your headset
to focus on my voice
and concentrate
on bringing me closer?
are they something like a trauma
a memo from the IRS
do you feel like chasing them away
with a fly swatter
or want to shock yourself off them
with a cold shower?

I know it may be a little
too soon to ask, but
have you segregated
the bad memories from the good
so you could discard the one
and cherish the other?
Or actually, the first question is
am I worth the bother,
or do you even think about me at all?