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Just when I thought
all my bad girl days
are behind me now
I’ve outgrown
Top Gun scene-type
Harley-Davidson rides
at illegal speeds
on Sumulong Highway at 2am
my arms wrapped around
the waist of a man
whose shirts strongly smelled
of laundromat fabric conditioners
conspiring with my dorm girls
to stiff-arm parents’ phone calls
while I climbed over walls
in a denim miniskirt
breakneck heels
and faux butterfly tattoo
an hour past curfew
unabashedly buying ultrathin Trojans
at 7 Eleven on Katipunan Avenue
and leaning over
front desks of motels
whose employees were trained
not to look at their patrons’ faces

Just when I thought
I’ve turned a new leaf
I get into this
lust story
and find myself wanting you
beyond reason
and reciting old litanies
I’ve long since forgotten:
no matter what I’ve said
no matter what you think
you and I are not yet through
not until I’ve had
one night with you