There’s a wall between us
invisible but there
not a deterrent, surely
I still see you
you still see me
it just makes it
one step more difficult
and I don’t pretend
that it makes sense

it exists
just to tell us
which side
we are in
nothing else
no other purpose

I don’t know about you
I sleep
beyond the hours I should
because you’re sleeping too
and when I hear
you stirring
making your bed, maybe
making breakfast
that’s the only time
I come alive

I press my ear
against that wall
catching your many sounds
torturing myself with imaginings
who you’re speaking to
who you’re making love to
who makes your world go round
who else occupies that space
on your side
beyond this claustrophobic,
suffocated boundary

I have to tear myself away
to be productive
step away from the wall
step out of the room
and into the big, vast world
but I always remember to
blow a kiss
to your closed door
right adjacent to mine.