It seemed like only yesterday
when I had so many poems
stuck in my throat
and the problem was whether
to spit or swallow

decisions were made quickly
lest I choked

now I feel the inspiration
the one you triggered
trickling away
the spell lifting
I can breathe
and I’m too desperate for rest
to resist

but the last snatches of beauty
before it fades away
are almost always
the most beautiful
or at least beautiful enough
so I make the most of each moment
every second counts
I’m no longer
chasing down the dawn
with my pen
but every second counts

the way you both know
that a kiss
no matter how passionate
has an end
you have to pull away
you have to open your eyes
so you force every last caress
from her mouth
every last nibble
every last pair
of interlocked whispers
and savor the

you’re no longer kissing
and it’s time to do something else.

* * *

I know.
You won’t take the cue
from my hesitation
you won’t grab me back
and pull me close
to you.
One kiss is all
we knew
we’d ever