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I don’t believe silence
can ever be a substitute for peace.

There is no peace to be had where
there is no peace to be found
and I wish I knew the answer
so you wouldn’t think
I was keeping it to myself
just to be selfish.

But I figured,
the one with God
is not a feast
with all your favorite food in it
but a place where
you don’t have to eat
because you won’t need to
there is no hunger in Heaven

the wise had told the outcast,
“perfect speed
isn’t flying a thousand miles,
or a million,
or flying at the speed of light.
Because any number is a limit,
and perfection
doesn’t have limits.
Perfect speed is
being there.”

And what leaves me hungry
is knowing that this is not Heaven.
And what makes me lonely
is the awareness that I
can never reach perfection.
Because I still need to write.
I can be
as good as they say
but I still need to write.
Here on earth
we shall forever be
just a number
between zero and infinity
between never and forever.
A positive number,
but a number on a line,

An object’s illumination
is inversely proportional to
its distance from the light source
and it can be any big number
but merely asymptotic to
that unattainable value
because even if it wanted to
that object can never be
the light source itself.

I suppose hunger and loneliness
beget humility,
but I suspect that
that peace
as long as I’m alive
will elude me.