Don’t lie to me
look me in the eye and tell me
those things that led me on
were not deliberately put there
to mislead me

you’re that guy
my Mama warned me about
agile warm-blooded wolf
in sheep’s 100% combed cotton
and nice-fitting jeans
acting so sweet and innocent
your actions
always falling within the bounds
of the rules, so harmless
until I’ve let my guard down
and realized I’m surrounded

you’ve memorized all the steps
you could walk that neighborhood
in your sleep
so used to calling the shots
no wonder you’re hiding
from so many girls
your seduction game so natural
you con artist par excellence
and in the end
when all is revealed
and their tears are on your sleeve
you’ve got some nerve
to wash your hands clean
and ask what it was that you did

* * *

I suppose players fall in love
like the rest of us
and I wonder what they’re like
the women who can really
capture your heart
and how you must be around them
if you’re so smooth
with things you say
but don’t really mean,
do you fall all over yourself
when speaking from your heart, or
have you fooled yourself so well
even you can’t tell the difference?