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If these words do not reach you
then it means the consequences of my actions
far outweigh their misplaced good intentions
or it means some people have succeeded
in their goal to alienate me from something
they wanted to keep for themselves
or it means there is no middle ground
for us to meet
with my epicurean hunger
and your pursuit of Stoic minimalism

or it may just mean
that the best possible thing
you and I, together, could be
is not important enough to fight its way
in order to realize itself
which is ironic, when you think about
how we sometimes can’t choose
which people are special to us
or even explain why some people
affect us the way they do

but if these words do not reach you
then none of these words matter
and I shall not try to pretend
that they hold anything of value
to anyone else who would chance upon them
because I wrote them for no one but you.