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I can see us
somewhere beautiful
getting lost in the
labyrinthine steps
of Santorini
spiraling down to
the turquoise sea
while getting lost
in the warm sun
of our touch
drinking in the dark
majesty of Prague
while we drink in
the deep rivers
of our kisses
getting high on
the pristine oceans
of Ibiza as we
get high on the
full moon on top
of our ecstasy

and I love you
and cannot describe
how beautiful you are
how meaningful
you make me feel
and every time I close my eyes
I feel my soul
swelling with blessed light
and get explosions of visions
of colors and textures
and where they fit and
the miracles of nature
and how
they are there
for us to behold
and how things are beautiful
because you exist
and I am beautiful
because I exist
in your heart.