It was his harmless curiosity
that destroyed me

he disassembled my heart
with pliers and a screwdriver
examining all its moving parts
with minute attention
trying to get to
the bottom of its mystery
and figure out
what makes it tick
putting his ear next to it
every so often
and it flattered me
so deeply
I gave him keys
and passwords to everything
he studied me
with the bugsy eyes
of a small child
who just tore off the colored paper
wrapped around a bright red toy truck
nuts and bolts
rolling on the floor
in all directions
radiating away from
the central control
of my factory-line sanity
he ravished my little
turning wheels
and my buttons
sat on the conveyor belt
of my thoughts
and stopped at nothing
until I was an
incomprehensible heap
neither of us
could put back together

and then he realized
that heart wasn’t really
that interesting
so with a shrug of indifference
he walked away and left me there
the cadence of my ticking
stuck in his ears

I hope he hears it forever
even in his sleep