Maybe I make you smile
maybe you sometimes look beyond
the bric-a-brac in your apartment
representing symbols
of what had been and what could be
and just gaze into the distance
and think of one who is neither: me

Maybe I make you dream
of places you haven’t been
or places that aren’t there
but would be nice if they were
maybe you want to go there
and meet me

Maybe I make you open your eyes
to possibilities
you never thought existed
or impossibilities,
if that’s what they are
maybe I stretched the borders
of your universe
just a little
when you met me

Maybe I make you write
about things you might not
have thought about
if it weren’t for me
maybe things make
a little more sense
from the understanding
I’ve catalyzed in your mind
while we were talking

Maybe I make you feel good
about yourself
about the world
because there’s more space to breathe
because there’s more reason to be
who you are
because I’m here

Maybe I make you
all of that
and maybe that merits me
a place in your life
no matter what it is