The first few hours are the hardest
when you’re blinking inside the hurt
waiting to get accustomed to the dark
knowing the rebirth will take time
and will cost you
and you just sit there
waiting for the light to creep in
in the blunt and incantatory faith
that if you make it through the night
you’ll make it all the way

but there’s nothing I can tell you
to assure you that you’ll be OK.
Life is strange.
There are some things that you think
were trivial
but years later you’ll just turn around
and realize it’s still following you,
and there are some big blows
you just wake up one morning
and wonder where the pain went.

But you’ll have to make the most of each day.

I can’t tell you
“I’m sure you’ll get over it”
the best thing I can say is, you have to try
I can’t say either,
“someone better will surely come along”
because quite honestly, nobody has the right
to say that to you

but you have to be good to yourself.

You’ll make it,
no matter what that means
even if, maybe, all it translates to
is that you’ll still be standing by tomorrow.
That’s still good. You can start from there.