The problem with things
that you knew from the start
weren’t meant to be
is that they can feel
so much more important that way

because you chose them
they weren’t given to you
you pushed things around in your life
to make space for them
in total defiance of the knowing
they can’t stay forever

you take each moment
with a giddy kind
of thankfulness
for another chance to make it good
as if you got away with a crime

casting everything
in an urgent light
as if you were
chasing time
telling yourself you have
to suck the marrow
out of the bone
of every day
before it slips away

and you waste no time worrying
hoping or praying
that it doesn’t
because you know for sure it will

and when it does,
you know you shouldn’t
put up a fight
because you’ve known all along
it was coming
and you’ve had your time

but the problem about
those things we let go off
that we should never have had
in the first place
is that it doesn’t make them
any less difficult to lose

and you actually get surprised
at just how much it hurts