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She came undone in his hands
without meaning to
without warning
the pieces of her
falling in splinters
between his fingers

she gathered them in her arms
as fast as she could
but even closing her eyes
would not let her escape
from the nightmare
of remembering
how many times it has happened before
when it felt so good
she was tricked into believing
there was nothing wrong with her
until the clock struck twelve
and her beauty turned to rags
and the things that made her smile
turned to kryptonite
she ran from the castle
half wishing he’d follow
the other half hoping
he’d simply forget
the way she’ll spend
another lifetime
trying to
all the while blaming herself
for not warning him
that nothing so exquisite
could come without a price

She fell apart in his hands
but it doesn’t mean
that it was he who broke her
or if she was even whole
or if she hasn’t been breaking
long before